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Understanding HIV/AIDS Stigma

Understanding HIV/AIDS Stigma

Health and wellbeing Open Access

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A theoretical and methodological analysis At a time when alarming numbers of people with HIV/AIDS seek help under cover of darkness, deeply ashamed of their plight, it is crucial to find ways to better comprehend and address the specific nature of stigma around HIV/AIDS in southern Africa. Drawing on a cross-disciplinary, critical review of academic literature on this issue, the authors explore a range of theoretical approaches to conceptualising stigma. In highlighting the theoretical and methodological approaches that are most relevant in southern Africa, this study has the potential to significantly strengthen the theoretical base for future research in this crucial new area.

List of tables and figures
Executive summary
1. Introduction
2. The landscape of prejudice
3. Towards a theory of disease stigma
4. Responding to stigma
5. Stigma and discrimination
6. Instrumental and symbolic stigma
7. Concluding the theoretical discussion
8. Developing a research agenda
9. Methodologies for researching stigma
10. Developing more effective interventions: preliminary thoughts

A theoretical and methodological analysis

Two research programmes with the HSRC collaborated to produce this research monograph: the Social Cohesion and Identity Research Programme (SCI) led the study, working together with the Research Programme on the Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS and Health (SAHA).

Harriet Deacon is an independent consultant to the HSRC, Inez Stephney is a senior researcher in the Social Cohesion and Identity Research Programme with experience in the education, market research and heritage fields, and Sandra Prosalendis, who managed the project on behalf of the HSRC, is the deputy director of arts and culture in the Social Cohesion and Identity Policy Research Programme.

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