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Assembling academics, journalists, researchers and analysts, the State of the Nation: South Africa 2007 volume will provide much fuel for debate. It offers 23 diverse angles on contemporary South Africa in one compelling, comprehensive and relevant publication.

The politics section focuses on the outcome of the 2006 local government elections and issues of service delivery. The section on the economy examines the rapidly growing social welfare net, the state of our public hospitals and health delivery systems, issues of water and the environment, and heritage and tourism.

The critical issues of violence against women, prison reform, the plight of South Africas former guerrilla fighters, the vast Zimbabwean exile community in South Africa, South African rugby and the role of the post-apartheid church all come under the spotlight in the section on society.

The volume concludes with an analysis of the growing involvement of South African banks and financial institutions on the African continent, while another chapter looks at our long involvement in the complex search for peace and stability in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Format : 113mm x 160mm
Pages : 552
ISBN 10 : 0-7969-21660
ISBN 13 : 978-07969-2166-6
Publish Year : 2007

The ANC State: more dysfunctional than developmental?
Roger Southall

Politics Section

The State of the African National Congress
Anthony Butler

"Things Fall Apart: Can the Centre Hold?" The State of Coalition Politics in the Cape Metropolitan Council
Zwelethu Jolobe

Municipal Elections 2006: protests, independents and cross-border municipalities
Mcebisi Ndletyana

Municipal Governance and Service Delivery: Case studies from the Free State
Doreen Atkinson

A Silent Revolution: South African voters, 1994 - 2006
Collette Schulz-Herzenberg

Local Government Budgets and Development: A Tale of Two Municipalities: Makhuduthamaga and Overstrand
Neva Makgetla

Economics Section

Disability and Welfare in South Africas Era of Unemployment and Aids
Nicoli Nattrass

The ANC, Black Economic Empowerment and State-Owned Enterprises: a recycling of history?
Roger Southall

Technological Choices in South Africa: Ecology, Democracy and Development
David Fig

Old Victories, New Struggles: The state of the National Union of Mineworkers
Sakhela Buhlungu and Andries Bezuidenhout

Rainbow, Renaissance, Tribes and Townships: Tourism and Heritage in South Africa since 1994
Heather Hughes

The Promise and the Practice of Transformation: the state of South Africas health system
Sharon Fonn, Helen Schneider and Peter Barron

Public Hospitals in South Africa: stressed institutions, disempowered management
Karl von Holdt and Mike Murphy

Society Section

'Some of us know nothing except military skills': South Africa's former guerrilla combatants
Lephophotho Mashike

The State of South Africas Prisons
Julia Sloth-Nielsen

'Truck and Trailer': Rugby and Transformation in South Africa
Ashwin Desai and Zayn Nabbi

Violence against Women in South Africa
Lisa Vetten

Kingdom Deferred? The Churches in the New South Africa, 1994 - 2006
Anthony Egan

Improving learner achievements in Schools: Applications of national assessments in South Africa
Anil Kanjee


South Africa in Africa: trends and forecasts in a changing African political economy
John Daniel, Jessica Lutchman and Alex Comninos

South Africa in the DRC: Renaissance or neo- Imperialism?
Claude Kabemba

The Zimbabwean community in South Africa
Elinor Sisulu, Bhekinkosi Moyo and Nkosinathi Tshuma

Dr Sakhela Buhlungu is Head of the Department of Sociology at the University of the Witwatersrand. He currently serves on the editorial boards of academic journals, Labour History and Society in Transition.

Professor John Daniel was previously Research Director in the Democracy and Governance research programme at the HSRC. In his career as a political science academic, he was seconded to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (19961998) where he was part of the research team that wrote the five-volume final report.

Professor Roger Southall is Distinguished Research Fellow of the HSRC and was formerly Professor of Political Studies, Rhodes University. He is General Editor of the Journal of Contemporary African Studies.

Jessica Lutchman was previously a researcher in the Democracy and Governance research programme at the HSRC.

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